Digital Legal Lab Newsletter May

Extended Deadline DLT2023 | Privacy Book Club | Cybersecurity Conference

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What's new at the Digital Legal Lab

We would like to announce that the ‘Call for Papers’ deadline has been extended by a few days, you can still submit your paper until the 8th of June! 

We are looking forward to read your abstracts, and cannot wait to host the Digital Legal Talks 2023 on the 15th of September, in Utrecht, at De Zalen van Zeven.

Small recap: the Privacy Book Club traveled to Brussels between 24-26 May and attended the Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection Conference.

Aurelia and Irene co-hosted the bookclub on the 25th of May, and discussed the book “Beyond Data, Human Rights, Ethical and Social Impact Assessment in AI”, by Alessandro Mantelero.

On the last day, the 26th of May, Jef Ausloos discussed “Economies of Virtue. The Circulation of ‘Ethics’ in AI”, edited by Thao Phan, Jake Goldenfein, Declan Kuch and Monique Mann. We would like to give Jef a warm welcome, as he is our newest addition to the DLS research team!

We would like to remind you of an upcoming exciting event: the Cybersecurity Conference! It will take place on the 22nd of June, in Brussels, from 08:45-16:30.

Three different sessions will take place during this Conference: (1) Regulatory developments towards achieving the cybersecurity strategy, (2) Cybersecurity in times of crisis, and (3) Beyond the digital decade: what does the future of cybersecurity hold?. The registrations for participation are still open, and you can both join online, or, in person.